Every person who establishes an account can sign up and take any course. As Learners complete course activities, VirtuSeek constructs a profile of all the valuable experiences gained that serves as a resource for potential employers or investors. Learners are able to download and view course materials, complete and upload assignments, and maintain ongoing discussion threads with course Facilitators and other Learners.

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How does it work?


Signup for the courses you want that will help position you to get the kind of job or investor support needed.


Become an active learner by getting the practical experiences you need while interacting with others.


Engage in follow up interviews with potential employers and investors to learn of new opportunities.

An online platform which can be utilized by an Organization or an Individual to conduct courses online. It also helps knowledge seekers to explore and learn something new at their convenience. Apart from being a Learning Management System, it paves a way to employability and entrepreneurship.

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