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From accounting systems to succession planning, it has got all your business training needs covered

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The latest updates in career development training to help you progress in your work or business

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Learn how to design and implement solutions in areas such as affordable housing, business development, etc.


Strengthen your ability to architect systems, write code, test software, and deploy systems in the marketplace

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Every person who establishes an account can sign up and take any course. As Learners complete course activities, VirtuSeek constructs a profile of all the valuable experiences gained that serves as a resource for potential employers or investors. Learners are able to download and view course materials, complete and upload assignments, and maintain ongoing discussion threads with course Facilitators and other Learners.

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A user who decides to create and publish a course is considered a Facilitator. There is no limit to the number of free and fee for service courses that can be offered. Facilitators can team with other Facilitators and jointly offer courses. With full control over how each course is organized, content can be presented as any combination of video, audio, and text files. All of these can be merged with real-time web conferencing to offer a truly engaging experience for Learners.

Recruiters and Human Resource staff can use VirtuSeek to view the profiles of Learners whose experiences potentially meet their needs. Dedicated VirtuSeek staff work to build relationships with targeted Employers to encourage them to consider Learners for positions. This is all part of the ongoing effort to offer courses and experiences that prepare Learners to move smoothly into employment opportunities.

Investors can use VirtuSeek to view the profiles of Learners whose experiences merit serious consideration. Dedicated VirtuSeek staff work to build relationships with targeted Investors to encourage them to invest in the business startups owned by Learners. These Learners can take courses especially designed to help them improve the skills needed to make their businesses successful.

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An online platform which can be utilized by an Organization or an Individual to conduct courses online. It also helps knowledge seekers to explore and learn something new at their convenience. Apart from being a Learning Management System, it paves a way to employability and entrepreneurship.

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