Lectures on Culinary Cusine

This course teaches history, three cultures of Greek, Italian, and Chinese cuisine and methods. It shows the attributes and influences of each culture. The author has three cookbooks published and is an expert. This course reveals knowledge not displayed else where. Valuable source of information.
By Tino Rozzo
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Food and Cooking

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Course Summary

What are the prerequisites?

  • They should know the very basics of cooking.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Have a full knowledge of influencial, historic, and available cuisine of Asian and The Mediterranean

Who are the target audience?

  • Everyone should take this course, even if you studying to be a chef, home cook, or hobbyist.


The International Cuisine Course

  • Chinese Culinary History

  • Greek Culinary History

  • Italian Culinary History

  • Greek Americans

  • Chinese and Asian Americas

  • Italian American Food and Wine

  • Greek Food Items

  • Culinary Adventure

  • Dimsum and Tea

  • Asian Noodles

  • Italian Pastas

  • Kitchen Safety

  • Chinese Condoments

  • techniques

Video Lessons

  • Sardinia Documentary

  • Asian Adventure

  • Sardinian Cooking

  • All Three


Tino Rozzo


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