Sweet Spots for Learning

Sweet spots are where Learners take their preferred approach to acquiring and using information to complete activities that are at the right level of difficulty for them to perform well. This course shows you how to help Learners find and use them.
By Khalil AbdulRahman
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Course Summary

Facilitators need tools to help them address the fact that Learners have different capabilities and learn at different rates. One such tool, named Mobile Learning Circles (MLC), is designed to allow Facilitators to work one-on-one with Learners. It is an online system where Facilitator and Learner work together to set appropriate learning objectives as well as the action steps to be performed for achieving them.

As action steps are completed, the system would be updated either by the Facilitator or the Learner, and it would automatically chart the progress. Additionally, as assignments are made and updated, the system also would send an email notification describing the event to the right person.

During the course, special attention will be given to use cases where Facilitators interact with Learners as they use MLC to manage a range of tasks from setting up learning objectives to coordinating and assessing the completion of activities related to achieving them.

Each use case will be explored deeply enough to allow participants to discuss specific anticipated challenges and enter “inspired by true story events” information into the system. This info will be the basis for seeing how MLC works in real-time.


What are the prerequisites?

  • No special preparation is needed.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Participants will be able to identify appropriate learning objectives for Learners and the action steps to achieve them.

Who are the target audience?

  • Trainers, teachers, counselors, and parents.


Improving the ability of Facilitators to identify appropriate learning objectives for Learners and the action steps to achieve them

  • Use Case: Set Up an Objective

  • Learning Objective Example

  • Use Case: Assign Action Steps


Khalil AbdulRahman


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