Learning: a Natural Instinct

By Rasheeda Saif

When do we start learning? Do you think that starts from the time of birth? Or is it at the age of 3 or 4?

No, the process starts before birth, even at the month of 5, when the brain is developed in the fetus.

Learning is a continuous process that starts from Mother’s Womb and ends in Tomb.

When compared to other creations, man’s learning with reasoning power is different. While learning, we listen, speak, read and finally write. Learning improves our knowledge, strengthens our intellect, refines our manners, develops our skills and at most builds our character. We will become civilized individuals with a maximum level of tolerance.

The sources of learning are vast, including nature, books, personal experiences, elders like parents and teachers, educational institutions, etc… Learning does not mean attaching a few degrees after our names. Learning should result in real growth of body, mind and spirit.

True learning is “to train the mind to think”.

Learning should broaden our outlook; should enhance our thinking; should facilitate our life; should tighten the relationship with people. Learned persons never get bored in life and never be disappointed. They are neither cowardice nor selfish. Their optimistic outlook is not only helpful to them but to the whole world.

Learning gives self-confidence and develops positive thinking. Learning not only helps us to solve mathematical and scientific problems but also the life problems.

The Holy Qur’an asks “Are they ever equal, those who know and those who do not know?” – (Qur’an 39:9)

The ultimate aim of learning is to know our Lord and attain salvation. We must pray “Rabbi zidhni ilma – Oh my Lord! Increase me in knowledge” (Qur’an 20:114)

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