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Learning: a Natural Instinct
By Rasheeda Saif

When do we start learning? Do you think that starts from the time of birth? Or is it at the age of 3 or 4? No, the process starts before birth, even at the month of 5, when the brain is developed in the fetus. Learning is a continuous process that starts from Mother’s Womb and ends in Tomb.

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Benefits of Writing
By Jasmine Khan

What is history? History is a record of events that happened during a period of time or in the life or development of a people, an institution or a place. Very simply, it is a means whereby future generations will know where they came from and what contributed to where they are now, whether socially, scientifically or technologically.

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What to do about Sloppy Thinking
By Khalil Abdul-Rahman

During the course of our work, we are often faced with competing ideas. We recognize that the strength of an idea should be an important consideration, but how do we test the strength of an idea? And how do we know when the strength of one idea is greater than another?

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To Read or not to Read?
By Jasmine Khan

Effective communication is dependent on words, knowing them, their meaning and in what context to use them. It also requires a certain amount of self-confidence in your ability to express yourself. This cannot be done if you do not have the skills, and the best way to acquire these skills is by reading.

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